Postgraduate and postdoctoral opportunities


Postgraduate and postdoctoral opportunities

We are always keen to work with new researchers, and on new research problems. We are primarily interested in working on (1) environmental problems, using (2) quantitative techniques, with (3) real-world applications. If this sounds like you, then please reach out to start a conversation about working together.

We should stress that we define these three terms very broadly, which is one of the benefits of being located in an applied mathematics department. So when we say “environmental”, we’re including problems in threatened species conservation, landscape management, coastal marine restoration, and fishery management. Check out our Publications page to see some examples of the work we do.

Similarly, when we say “quantitative”, we work with a range of different methods, including theoretical analysis and computational modelling, as well as statistical analyses, data-fitting, and optimisation. In the past, our students and postdoctoral fellows have included mathematicians, ecologists, and evolutionary biologists. Their mathematical expertise ranged from advanced, through to “passing acquaintance”.

We believe exciting, cutting-edge science is best achieved by diverse groups. We strongly encourage those from backgrounds that are underrepresented in STEM to apply, and to contact us with any questions.

At the moment, we have specific funded projects in Antarctic research, and in the active management and restoration of coral reef ecosystems (specifically, the Great Barrier Reef). There will be roles in these projects at both PhD and postdoctoral levels.

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