Kate Helmstedt

I use decision theory and operations research to improve biodiversity outcomes from conservation management. I build mathematical models of coupled ecological, land-use, and economic systems to understand the mechanisms driving success, failure, and efficiency of management actions.


Michael Bode

I care about threatened species conservation, and I think that applied mathematics – if we use it carefully – can help avoid extinctions.


Matthew Adams

I model ecological and biological systems to inform conservation decisions. My work aims to bridge the gaps between ecologists, modellers and decision-makers, and show how mathematics can offer substantial insights into how ecosystems function, and how they should be managed.

Website: google.scholar

Ryan Heneghan

I’m a marine modeller with a background in applied mathematics and statistics. I build marine ecosystem models to help understand how these ecosystems are structured and how they function. The answers will help us assess the global impacts of climate change, human demand, and conservation on life below water.

Website: google.scholar

Postdoctoral researchers

David Warne

I am a postdoctoral researcher collaborating with the Australian Institute for Marine Science. I use mathematical modelling and computational statistics to understand how corals on the Great Barrier Reef can cope with increasing enviromental disturbances.

Jacinta Holloway Brown

I’m a postdoctoral fellow in the School of Mathematical Sciences and an associate investigator in the Centre for Data Science and Centre for the Environment. I develop new statistical methods to solve environmental and sustainable development problems. My research currently focuses on developing new Bayesian experimental design approaches for modelling biodiversity and using remote sensing analysis to monitor change in forests. Previously I was a research associate at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical frontiers (ACEMS) where I completed my PhD. I enjoy teaching others about my research area and have developed and taught hands-on workshops about machine learning methods for analysing satellite imagery data for the United Nations.  

Website: … jacinta
twitter: @thejholloway

Jess Hopf

My background is in ecological modelling, with a focus on how marine reserves can make fisheries sustainable. I am especially interested in the transient effects of management actions on populations, and bridging the divide between theory and data to better inform adaptive management. My current postdoc is in collaboration with Will White at Oregon State, focusing on California’s system of marine reserves. 

Postgraduate students

Ryu Lippmann

I am a PhD candidate at QUT. Working within the Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program (RRAP), my current focus is on the development of operations research methods to optimise the logistical deployment of reef restoration intervention technologies.

Cailan Jeynes-Smith

My PhD investigates stability, robustness, and evolution in biological systems, such as ecosystems and tumour cells. I have a strong background in statistics and applied computational mathematics, and experience working on ecosystem reconstruction, and switch-like behaviours in cellular biology.

Claudio Arancibia Ibarra

I am a PhD student in Applied and Computational Mathematics at QUT. I am interested in applied mathematics and mathematical modelling. My research aims to understand the temporal and spatio-temporal dynamics of complex systems, particularly predator-prey models and ecological systems.


Shamika Prasadina Kekulthotuwage Don

I am a PhD candidate focusing on increasing the model complexity of predator-prey systems for species management and decision-making processes. In particular, I use stochastic modelling techniques and advanced numerical simulation methods to provide efficient species controlling strategies. 


Kaitlyn Brown

I am a Master of Philosophy candidate in the school of Mathematics, QUT. I have experience researching epidemiological models and am interested in applications of mathematical biology. My current research is focused on applications of optimal control in ecological models. 


Also: Vanessa Bull-Haller; Katie Peterson; Andreas Dietzel; Oakes Holland; Ryu Lippman  

Undergraduate students

Tace Stewart

I am an undergraduate mathematics student, majoring in Operations Research with minors in programming and computational mathematics. I completed a VRES project on the effect of discounting when scheduling biodiversity conservation actions. I enjoy applying my knowledge of operations research to ecology problems and desire to continue work in the field.

Ambalika Nandha

I am an undergraduate student studying Engineering and Mathematics at QUT. I have completed a Vacation Research Experience Scheme (VRES) with Kate Helmstedt where I researched dispersal connectivity and how it could be modelled to help repopulate the Great Barrier Reef. I am interested in mathematical models and how they can be used to conserve the environment. 

Kanupriya Agarwal

I study a Bachelor of Mathematics/Information Technology, majoring in Applied and Compuational Mathematics, and Computer Science respectively. I am interested in using mathematics to answer important scientific questions. I have done some work in modelling threatened species populations and predator-exclusion fences. 



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